I think my fabric is a pretty big deal. Find out why!

  • Recycled Materials

Vita by Carvico is a sustainable techno-fabric, made of a ECONYL® regenerated Nylon. It is made by utilizing discarded fishing nets, that would otherwise end up at the bottom of the ocean or trapping marine animals. What we are doing here is keeping waste out of our oceans and giving it a new life - we're into it, baby!

  • Durability

This fabric is 5x stronger than ordinary swimwear fabric. Yes, you read that right! This means less snags and overall wear thus keeping your swimsuit looking new for longer.

  • Sun and Sand Protection

Carvico Vita also provide SPF 50+ protection and is 2x resistant to sand, chlorine, oils and sun creams than other swimwear fabrics.

  • Shape

This fabric offers a unique mix of muscular compression and comfort with 4x the compression of average suits. What does that mean for you? Your suit will retain its shape longer, allowing for a lasting love affair.

ILOSHE's sustainable practices don't stop with the fabric!

  • Packaging

I do my best to minimize the negative impact by also using eco-packaging materials from Eco-Enclose.

  • Business Cards

My business cards are made from seed paper, basically means there is no waste and you get to plant it and grow wild flowers.